Serial Fraudster Gets 14 Years in Prison

He's behind a $20 million fraud scheme and $4 million tax evasion that included high-end watches and diamond jewelry, classic and exotic cars and two yachts.

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A Florida man was sentenced today to 14 years in prison for health care and wire fraud that cost Medicare more than $20 million dollars, and for evading taxes.

According to court documents, Marc Sporn, 59, of Delray Beach, owned and operated several telemarketing and telemedicine companies, including CPL Media Group Inc. Medipak, LLC, Real Time Physicians LLC, 24 HR Virtual MD LLC, Medtech Worldwide Inc., New World Holdings Inc., and Ins Cov LLC.

Sporn used these companies to market medically unnecessary genetic tests to Medicare beneficiaries, and to sell prescriptions for medically unnecessary genetic tests to laboratories in exchange for kickbacks and bribes.

Sporn knew these laboratories would use these doctors’ orders to bill Medicare for medically unnecessary goods and services.

Through nominee owners, Sporn also operated and controlled Palm Beach companies Medi Biotech LLC and Walmol Holdings LLC.

Sporn used Medi Biotech to market compounded prescription creams to customers with certain health conditions. Pharmacies and laboratories associated with Medi Biotech filled the prescriptions, billed the customers’ insurance companies, and paid Sporn kickbacks.

In addition to opening bank accounts for Medi Biotech in nominee names, Sporn opened accounts in the name of Walmol Holdings, a shell corporation, and in 2014 and 2015, avoided paying over $1.6 million in personal income taxes by diverting millions through the company’s accounts.

Sporn used these company accounts to purchase luxury items such as high-end watches and diamond jewelry, classic and exotic cars, two yachts, and other items.

Sporn also evaded paying over $2.5 million in personal income taxes for other years dating back to 2000.

When the IRS attempted to collect back taxes from Sporn, he tried to conceal assets by transferring property to trusts and individuals and by repeatedly opening and closing companies, among other things. In addition to the prison term, Sporn was ordered to pay more than $4 million in restitution to the IRS.