Paragonix Sets Up Nationwide Donor Organ Network

It includes the establishment of seven strategically located procurement hubs.

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Image courtesy of Paragonix Technologies

Paragonix Technologies announced the launch of a network of donor organ procurement, preservation, and transportation services. This expansion includes the establishment of seven strategically located procurement hubs across the United States, designed to optimize coordination and logistics for the transplant community. These hubs, equipped to provide on-demand support, comprise a team of more than 50 procurement professionals, including certified surgeons and preservationists.

The Paragonix service initiative is strategically designed to cultivate a more sustainable, equitable, and accessible organ transplant ecosystem. Through forming key partnerships with premium logistics providers and capitalizing on our advanced preservation techniques and technologies, Paragonix guarantees reliable, timely delivery of vital resources. This approach not only facilitates successful transplant procedures, but also significantly curtails the extensive costs and time typically associated with the transplant journey.

"Optimizing every facet of a donor organ’s journey is our core mission,” said Dr. Lisa Anderson, CEO and President of Paragonix Technologies. “We are wholly dedicated to augmenting the commendable work of transplant centers and organ procurement organizations. With this expansion, Paragonix enters into a new chapter, markedly enhancing our comprehensive offerings to provide transplant centers with mission-critical resources to optimize the utilization of donor organs.”

Additionally, Paragonix has forged an exclusive partnership with Southern Californian Transplant Associates (SCTA) to offer Advanced DCD (Donation After Circulatory Death) Recovery Services. Under the leadership of SCTA co-founder and renowned heart transplant surgeon, Dr. Victor Pretorius, MBChB, this partnership aims to expand the limited supply of donor organs by providing transplant centers with DCD organ recovery alternatives. “Together, we’re forging a new path where we can mitigate the complexities of transplantation in a way that’s never been done before. This exciting collaboration underscores the significance of integrating standardized surgical protocols with cutting-edge technology for the benefit of our patients,” said Dr. Pretorius.

Paragonix now offers a versatile array of solutions, tailored to meet the diverse needs of organ transplantation. This approach encompasses various avenues of support across the field. With the focus on the continual advancement of cutting-edge technology – as seen with the first-in-human landmark case of the latest BAROguard Donor Lung Preservation System – and the meticulous orchestration of an on-demand support network, Paragonix is committed to innovating the standard of care in organ transplantations. With a philosophy centered around simplicity, Paragonix persistently strives to exceed the ever-evolving needs of organ transplantation, enhancing both access and the quality of care.