Velico Medical Begins Clinical Trial on Spray Dried Plasma

Dried plasma could become an integral part of transfusion care for the bleeding patient.

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Velico Medical has begun a Phase I safety study for their FrontlineODP (OnDemandPlasma) Spray Dried Plasma product in a multi-center, dose escalation clinical trial. 

This first in-human clinical trial using Velico's spray drying system is taking place at Hoxworth Blood Center, Cincinnati, Ohio; Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin;, and Spaulding Clinical Research, West Bend, Wisconsin.

"Plasma plays a key role in the prevention of trauma-induced coagulopathy. Dried plasma has been a much sought-after goal for over two decades now and this trial marks a significant milestone in our mission to provide a lifesaving product for the medical and emergency response community," says Richard Meehan, President and CEO of Velico.

"Clinicians who treat life-threatening haemorrhage are seeking a plasma product that can be administered prior to the patient arriving at a trauma center. Spray-dried plasma provides the biologic potency of frozen plasma with logistical convenience in situations where minutes can mean the difference between life and death," says Dr. Mark Popovsky, Chief Medical Officer, Velico.

"Dried plasma will become an integral part of transfusion care for the bleeding patient. In the prehospital and emergency care settings, minutes count and dried plasma has an important role to play," says José Cancelas, MD, PhD, Director of the Hoxworth Blood Center at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

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