GE HealthCare Establishes the GE HealthCare Foundation

It's initial focus will be on improving maternal health outcomes globally.

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GE HealthCare announced the establishment of its philanthropic entity, the GE HealthCare Foundation. The Foundation will operate as a charitable organization, incorporated separately from GE HealthCare, focused on advancing equitable access to precision healthcare.

The GE HealthCare Foundation supports nonprofit organizations aimed at making healthcare more accessible, personal, human, and flexible – and ultimately, strive to remove barriers that separate underserved communities from equitable healthcare.  With an initial focus on improving maternal health outcomes globally, the Foundation addresses a critical need: Every two minutes, a woman dies due to pregnancy or childbirth-related complications, compounded by a severe shortage in primary care and midwifery professionals worldwide.

Through grants to nonprofit organizations with proven track records, the Foundation is dedicating its philanthropic efforts to bolster access to specialized maternal care. Simultaneously, it is investing in training a workforce to provide critical support and save lives throughout the stages of pregnancy and childbirth. The Foundation’s inaugural grantees are:

  • Urban Institute, a nonprofit research organization that provides data and evidence to help advance upward mobility and equity. The Foundation is funding the creation of a public knowledge base of United States Medicaid policies and practices related to the use of AI and algorithmic methods to help reduce maternal health disparities.
  • Lwala Community Alliance, a community-led initiative tackling maternal and infant mortality in Kenya. The Foundation’s grant will fund training, technology, and longstanding educational resources for nurses and clinical officers in Kenya on obstetric ultrasound – increasing access for pregnant women. 
  • Black Mamas Matter Alliance (BMMA), a national network of Black women-led and Black-led birth and reproductive justice organizations and professionals. Support from the Foundation will help BMMA raise awareness and foster tangible improvements in Black maternal health through its Black Maternal Health Week campaign, training institute, and a pilot program to inform its Black Maternal Health Incubator Hub, a learning space for the Black maternal, perinatal, and reproductive health workforce. 
  • Project ECHO, which focuses on increasing capacity, resilience and collaboration among the public health workforce in Indonesia. The Foundation is funding the capacity building of Primary Health Centers in the region to successfully navigate the continuum of maternal child health care – touching on topics like maternal nutrition and child stunting, pre- and neonatal maternal care and safe delivery, and family planning.

The Foundation is committed to supporting leading nonprofits to improve the health and safety of mothers and babies in underserved and vulnerable communities. The Foundation will expand this approach into additional focus areas in the coming years.

In addition to these programs, the Foundation will support humanitarian relief during times of natural disasters and crises, as well as a colleague matching gifts program for U.S. employees.

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