Baxter Debuts Logo, Mission for Kidney Care Company, Vantive

Until completion of the proposed separation, the Kidney Care business will continue to operate as Baxter.

Vantive Wordmark Brand Reveal Press Release

Baxter International announced the mission and logo for its proposed kidney care and acute therapies company, to be named Vantive.

The Vantive mission, Extending Lives, Expanding Possibilities, will guide and inspire the proposed company, which will focus on vital organ therapies for acute and chronic kidney diseases and beyond. This larger purpose will drive Vantive employees to passionately develop solutions that meet the very human and often very individual needs of clinicians and patients, always striving to shape a better healthcare experience.  

The Vantive logo includes a "V" motif divided into three parts to represent the innovative therapies, digital solutions, and advanced services the company delivers. The logo is depicted in the color plum, leveraging the stability and trustworthiness of blue, Baxterโ€™s primary brand color, combined with the energy and boldness of red.   

"With the reveal of our mission and logo, we have reached another critical milestone in our journey to establish Vantive. From our legacy as a pioneer in kidney care to our position as a market leader in chronic and acute therapies, we maintain a unique vantage point to help fulfill the pivotal needs of today's clinicians and patients," said Chris Toth, executive vice president and group president, Kidney Care at Baxter, who is to serve as chief executive officer of Vantive upon separation. 

Vantive will carry forward Baxter's nearly 70-year legacy as a pioneer and leader in kidney care and vital organ support therapies. The company will continue to serve as a trusted partner to providers and clinicians around the world, focusing on improving outcomes for the more than one million patients it serves annually in more than 70 countries.  

Baxter announced in 2023 plans to create a new Kidney Care company from its Renal Care and Acute Therapies businesses. The new Vantive branding will come into effect when the separation occurs, which is currently expected in the second half of 2024, via either a sale to a private equity investor or a spinoff into a publicly traded company. 

Until completion of the proposed separation, the Kidney Care business will continue to operate as Baxter.

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