Fictiv Expands Injection Molding Manufacturing Capacity

Fictiv offers injection molding services for medical, aerospace, robotics, automotive, and consumer electronics applications.

Fictiv Customer Transmed7 Cut New Product Development Time On Five New Medical Devices

Fictiv, an operating system for custom manufacturing, announced today that in response to customer demand, it is expanding its injection molding manufacturing partner network in the U.S. This will increase capacity for domestic resources, offering customers more flexibility and reduced supply chain risks.

"At Fictiv, our goal is to offer the highest quality parts that meet our customers' changing needs," said Jean Olivieri, chief operations officer at Fictiv. "We serve a variety of industries, and each customer may have different priorities such as lead times, price, or risk. We listen to them and offer optimized solutions."

According to Fictiv's 2022 State of Manufacturing Report, 65% of U.S. manufacturing companies would prefer to increase onshoring due to continued international supply chain disruptions. With more customers seeking options to manufacture domestically, Fictiv's geographically diversified injection molding services provides customers with the flexibility to choose the best solutions for their business.

"Injection molding plays a critical role in scaling the product offerings for several business units of our organization," said Dr. James Vetter, co-founder and chief medical officer of TransMed7. "With today's continuing concerns about unexpected supply chain issues, it is immensely comforting to have Fictiv as a partner, not just for overseas production but also for domestic manufacturing resources. Fictiv's proven track record of dependable communication at key points in component development, final scaling processes, and meticulous attention to detail have always been huge strengths and we are pleased to learn they are expanding operations in the U.S."

Fictiv offers injection molding services for medical, aerospace, robotics, automotive, and consumer electronics applications.

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