Theragen Scores Second Patent for Spine Fusion Bone Growth Stimulator

ActaStim's wearability is essential in supporting usage.

Acta Stim S Contemporary Device Design

Medical device company Theragen said it has received its 2nd U.S. Patent in three months. This latest patent acknowledges ActaStim-S' contemporary design, a new post-op, spine fusion, bone growth stimulator.

Theragen's latest patent (U.S. 11,426,574) recognizes ActaStim-S' design focused on providing ease of use. This recognition is significant as bone stim technology relies on consistent therapeutic use to improve outcomes. ActaStim's wearability is essential in supporting usage. At the same time, its complimentary Sync App can be beneficial in sustaining it by informing patients of their usage, activity levels, and pain entry reporting. This relevant progress data is empowering and can be an effective tool for keeping patients, and their doctors, connected throughout the long healing journey.

"This patent award reflects our user-centric approach to design." Stated Richard Pearce, COO, VP of R&D, and co-inventor. "Understanding our product users, their obstacles, and what motivates them leads to intentional solutions to practical, real-life challenges of staying with therapy for months and months. It's rewarding to bring impactful innovation to market," said Mr. Pearce.

"Receiving the patent is important. It's also validating seeing the AcatStim-S design so well received by patients and surgeons". Added Chris McAuliffe, CEO "Our first patent (US 11,395,919) focused on device connectivity, while this patent protects our device design. ActaStim-S offers significant practical advantages versus large, obtrusive devices that can constrain ambulation and mobility. AcatStim-S remains the innovation leader compared to devices that do not track compliance and activity levels, communicate, or engage patients towards therapeutic compliance. Patients and surgeons expect medical devices to collect and process data, to be digitally connected, ultra-modern, and easy to use for all ages and lifestyles. Our device design delivers proven therapy at home, at work, or on the go; for modern times and high expectations." Stated Mr. McAuliffe.

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