Innovation Zed Gets CE Mark for Insulin Pen Add-On Device

It automatically captures dose value dialled, injection event time stamp and temperature.

Innovation Zed

Innovation Zed, an Irish R&D company specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of medical technologies, announced today it has secured a CE Mark for the InsulCheck DOSE add-on device.

InsulCheck DOSE is a single-unit add-on device for pen injectors that automatically captures dose value dialled, injection event time stamp and temperature as well as mounting and unmounting events. With InsulCheck DOSE, real-time injection event data are logged and sent automatically to a compatible display device. Product highlights include:

  • A discreet add-on device compatible with all pen-injectors
  • Captures dose dialled, timestamp, ambient temperature, etc.
  • A convenient device with no buttons, no calibration requirements or interference with the normal injection process
  • Increased user engagement through high-quality usability support features from a vibrant OLED screen

Innovation Zed is dedicated to helping insulin pen users within the diabetes population. Given our understanding of the challenges faced by insulin pen users worldwide, our focus is to support all insulin pen users regardless of their injection pen of choice. As a result of a collaboration with our partner SHL Medical and its subsidiary SHL Technologies, InsulCheck DOSE has been developed to meet the compatibility challenges presented by various injection pen designs and in particular the difficulties in working on a technology to reliably and accurately support low-cost disposable pens. 

Innovation Zed expects to initiate a commercial launch of InsulCheck DOSE in Europe during 2023. The company also has plans to introduce bespoke variations of InsulCheck DOSE to new injection devices for various drug therapies over the coming years.

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