WaveFront Dynamics Launches WaveDȳn Vision Analyzer

The system provides 9 ocular measurements to streamline workflow.

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WaveFront Dynamics

WaveFront Dynamics, an ophthalmic medical device company, announced the commercial launch of its dynamic aberrometry measurement system, the WaveDyn Vision Analyzer. The WaveDyn Vision Analyzer (pronounced WaveD”eye”n) captures a video of the eye’s dynamic optical system over time (rather than just producing a single measurement). The WaveDyn Analyzer’s high resolution, dynamic measurement capabilities provide highly accurate objective refractions as well as ocular surface quality and accommodative function analysis. The system provides 9 ocular measurements to streamline workflow.

At the core of Wavefront Dynamics’ continued innovation is the Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor, a technology that has long been used in astronomy to improve the image quality of telescopes. Wavefront Dynamic’s founder and CEO, Dan Neal, Ph.D., developed a wide variety of applications for wavefront sensors, including measurement of aero-optic phenomena, the large telescope mirrors used in the James Webb Space Telescope, and silicon wafer metrology. For nearly 30 years, the team has made advancements in wavefront technology to measure and correct imperfections of the human eye, to improve visual performance.

“The WaveDyn Vision Analyzer represents our continued commitment to innovation and advancement in wavefront technology,” said Dr. Neal. “The Analyzer will serve as a platform to create personalized ophthalmic treatment solutions for patients through our strategic industry partnerships.”

“The WaveDyn Vison Analyzer has increased my understanding of the optics of the eye and of what is possible,” said Christine Sindt, OD, FAAO Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at University of Iowa Health Care. “I now incorporate aberration measurement into all aspects of patient care. I start all my refractions using data from the WaveDyn System. This system has allowed me to get functional glasses for aberrated eyes.”

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