Microdul, InPlay Developing Wireless Body Temperature Monitoring Solution

The complete solution consumes below 1 microampere and runs for weeks on a single charge.

The system uses InPlay's NanoBeacon SoC.
The system uses InPlay's NanoBeacon SoC.

InPlay Inc, in collaboration with Microdul AG, unveiled a reference design for a medical-grade body temperature measurement wireless system. This endeavor harnesses the power of Microdul's MS108x-series temperature sensors and InPlay's IN100 NanoBeacon SoC integrated with Bluetooth 5.3 technology.

The partnership aims to propel real-time health monitoring into a new era by offering a highly accurate, low-power, and cost-effective wireless solution for continuous body temperature monitoring. This innovation stands to be a boon for the medical community and caregivers, facilitating continuous and precise monitoring of patients' body temperature, thus ensuring timely intervention and enhanced patient care.

The reference design combines Microdul's nano-power temperature sensors from the MS108x family with the configuration offered by InPlay's NanoBeacon. The complete solution consumes below 1 microampere and runs for weeks on a single charge. It is compliant with both the ISO80601 and ATSM E1112 standards and paves the way for an easy implementation of your application. 

Microdul and InPlay are gearing up to showcase a live demonstration of the reference design at the forthcoming Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2023 show in Wiesbaden, Germany, scheduled for October 18-19. Attendees are warmly invited to visit booth #9 to witness firsthand the remarkable wireless body temperature monitoring solution that aims to redefine healthcare monitoring systems.

Microdul and InPlay are looking forward to forging ahead on the healthcare sector's digital transformation journey, offering avant-garde solutions that promise to elevate patient care and operational efficiency.

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