Embolx Expands Distribution for Occlusion Microcatheter

It's designed to optimize the delivery of embolic agents.

Embolx Girlow

Embolx Inc, a provider of minimally invasive medical devices, announced an international distribution partnership with Girlow USA, a global distributor of advanced medical equipment. This collaboration aims to expand availability beyond the USA and Europe and improve global access to Embolx's groundbreaking medical technologies.

Embolx has gained recognition for its product, the Sniper Balloon Occlusion Microcatheter, designed to optimize the delivery of embolic agents for the treatment of various conditions, such as different types of cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The Sniper microcatheter enables healthcare professionals to precisely target cancerous tumors, leading to improved treatment efficacy and reduced complications.

Girlow, with its extensive distribution network and expertise in the healthcare market, is committed to introducing new medical devices. This partnership aligns seamlessly with Girlow's mission of providing healthcare professionals with access to the latest and most advanced medical technologies.

Through this collaboration, Embolx plans to leverage Girlow's established distribution channels and network, to ensure this advanced technology is more readily available to healthcare professionals and institutions across Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

This partnership between Embolx and Girlow marks an exciting chapter in advancing medical technology. Together, these industry leaders are poised to impact patient care by delivering groundbreaking solutions that enable healthcare professionals to achieve exceptional results.

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