GrayMatters Launches Self-Neuromodulation PTSD Therapy Device in U.S.

Prism for PTSD uses a computer simulation and EEG cap to create a novel experience.

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GrayMatters Health

GrayMatters Health (GMH), developer of digital self-neuromodulation therapies for mental health care, announced the official launch of Prism for PTSD in the United States. Prism for PTSD is currently being used to treat patients at two centers, with additional clinics in various phases of readiness.

Prism for PTSD uses a computer simulation and EEG cap to create a novel experience that augments standard therapies to improve patient outcomes. The company said it's the first self-neuromodulation device to receive FDA clearance as a prescribed adjunct to standard-of-care (SOC) for PTSD and is now available at the Center for Neuropsychiatry and Brain Stimulation, an ARC Health practice in North Carolina and Bespoke Treatment in California. Several more clinics are in line for Prism for PTSD installation and training this month.

GMH's core technology is a digital EEG-fMRI-Pattern (EFP) biomarker of brain-area-specific activity, developed by applying advanced statistical models to register fMRI amygdala data with EEG. Prism for PTSD utilizes an amygdala-based biomarker since research has shown that PTSD is associated with hyper-activity of the amygdala.

During Prism therapy, a computer simulation and EEG headset create an immersive environment for training individuals to gain control over amygdala-based biomarker activity associated with PTSD. For clinics, Prism for PTSD is covered by existing business models, thereby providing clinics with opportunities to add revenue-generating services while augmenting existing treatment outcomes.

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