New High-Flow Microcatheter Granted FDA Clearance

Ultra-Thin Wall allows microcatheters to be smaller in outer diameter.

Embolx Soldier Straight Tip

Embolx, a medical technology company developing microcatheters for arterial embolization procedures, said the FDA has granted clearance for the Soldier High Flow Microcatheter, advancing localized drug delivery in vascular interventions.

The Soldier microcatheter is a medical device created using the same Ultra-Thin Wall (UTW) technology and advanced design initially developed for its flagship product Sniper. UTW technology allows microcatheters to be smaller in outer diameter yet maintain the largest internal lumens improving flow rates by almost two times. Using multiple discrete longitudinal sections, the advanced design provides exceptional pushability, torquability, and trackability. With FDA clearance, Embolx introduces a new microcatheter platform technology that is now the basis for a pipeline of new products.

The Soldier microcatheter combines the properties of larger catheters in a smaller profile. Physicians will no longer be compelled to sacrifice image quality, distal reach, or range of embolic agents when selecting a 2 Fr catheter. The catheter's exceptional torque response and radiopaque distal tip provide accurate curved tip placement and visualization of rotation position.

Soldier will be available in 2 Fr and 2.5 Fr and will come in three lengths – 130 cm, 155 cm, and 165 cm. The 2 Fr offers a 0.022” lumen and the 2.5 Fr offers a 0.027” lumen. With this clearance, Embolx aims to refine physicians’ overall experience using microcatheters while creating an innovative platform for future products.

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