Hand-Warming Device Supports Collection of Capillary Blood Samples

BetterWay blood testing uses only a pea-sized amount of blood collected from a finger.

Collection On Babson Hand Warmer 2
Babson Diagnostics

Babson Diagnostics today announced the newest innovation in its BetterWay blood testing ecosystem has completed validation testing. The company created a unique hand-warming technology specifically designed to support the collection of high-quality blood samples from a fingertip.

Warming the hand is a common way to aid blood collection from a fingertip. When Babson determined that off-the-shelf solutions would not meet the customer's needs, the company pivoted to developing its own technology. The company worked with biomedical engineering experts who study the impact of heat on the human body in the design of therapeutic devices.

Set for commercial launch this year, BetterWay blood testing uses only a pea-sized amount of blood collected from a finger to produce medically accurate results. BetterWay enables any trained healthcare worker to collect high-quality samples,.

Babson collaborated with the University of Texas at Austin Department of Biomedical Engineering to develop designs for a hand-warming device. Babson was looking for an ergonomic product design and something easy to use in a retail setting. The device had to provide simultaneous warming of the hand with collection and could not impede access to fingers.

A team of UT students working with Professor Kenneth Diller created a working prototype, which Babson took to a professional engineering team to develop a production system. Babson performed a validation study with staff at pharmacy partners to meet the regulatory requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The device received overwhelmingly positive feedback from pharmacy staff trained as collection techs and the customers getting a BetterWay blood test.

The Babson Hand Warmer is listed as a Class II medical device with the FDA, and Babson Diagnostics is licensed as a medical device manufacturer and distributor in Texas.

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