HoloMed Contactless Devices Aim to Reduce Pathogen Transmission

HoloMed devices provide safe and germ-free interaction for staff, patients and visitors.


Holo Industries announced the launch of a HoloMed line of holographic inserts for medical carts, patient monitors and other products that protect patients and hospital staff by virtually eliminating surface contact and touchpoints, thereby reducing the transmission of HAIs.

Mobile medication and point-of-care computer carts are indispensable tools in the modern healthcare facility however, they are also vectors for germs and other infectious agents. A recent study found that 43% of physical interaction sequence between healthcare providers and their patients involve touching a patient and a mobile medical cart. Other research concluded that the average computer and laptop keyboards carry over 3.5 million colony-forming units square inch.

These studies, and the toll that healthcare-associated Illnesses take on the average US hospital annually (over $28.4 Billion), highlight the importance of using HoloMed touch-free devices. This new Human-Machine Interaction is only possible with Holographic Touch, a new technology that provides accurate and responsive mid-air interaction without special lighting, glasses, or headgear. Anything a user can do on a touch display, iPhone or iPad, they can now do in mid-air: touch, pinch to enlarge, zoom, scroll, or swipe – even with surgical gloves.

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