Instrumems Debuts New Bubble Detection Sensor

The new bubble detection technology is designed for food processing, additive manufacturing, life sciences and medical applications.

Instrumems Bubble Detection Sensor

Instrumems, a provider of smart multi-sensor solutions, announced its new bubble detection sensor today.

Easy to integrate into existing liquid control systems, Instrumems' bubble detection technology is a new measurement system for improved precision in liquid handling, leading to reduced errors. Engineering teams and system architects will benefit from the efficiency of the sensor's fast response to quantify micro-size bubbles occupying <50% of a channel. The biocompatibility of Instrumems' bubble detection sensor provides a new solution to various areas (i.e., Life Sciences, Pharma, food testing, etc.) with a safe and accurate flow measurement.

Instrumems' new bubble detection sensor increases the product yield or the accuracy of the material delivery and reduces equipment downtime through early indication of liquid blockage or leaks. The improved equipment design and measurement capabilities result in enhanced liquid delivery control systems. Instrumems' bubble detector squarely addresses a few ongoing problems that select industry manufacturers face, including:

  • Liquid flow control: Ensures valve closure, so no leaks occur.
  • Integrated equipment: Delivers visibility into areas inaccessible to the user or not easily serviced.
  • Additive manufacturing: Identifies blocks and provides data for improved control and delivery of the material.

The company's core technology is based on a novel MEMS-based nano thermal filament used for accurate flow measurement. Its bubble detection technology applies the principle to liquid flows. It uses the sensor's fast response to a phase change (liquid-gas-liquid) to detect micro air bubbles.

The new bubble detection technology is designed for food processing (i.e., food safety analysis), additive manufacturing (i.e., 3D printers), life sciences (i.e., microfluidic control in labs), and medical applications (i.e., dialysis, drug delivery).

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