V6CO Sends $3M in Medical Supplies to Ukraine

Medical supplies are in high demand at Ukrainian hospitals.


V6CO, a medical device company today announced that nearly $3 million in medical supplies, including more than 11.5 million syringe sets, are being shipped to Ukraine to support aid efforts.

"We are grateful to V6CO for this generous donation that will support countless patients in need of care, in line with our mission to distribute donations of food and medical supplies and provide humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine," said Maryna Baydyuk, Ph.D., president of United Help Ukraine. "Medical supplies are in high demand as Ukrainian hospitals struggle to replenish supply chains that have been overburdened during the ongoing war."

Mance Zhu, Chief Executive Officer of V6CO added, "At V6CO we offer our support for the people who have been impacted by the invasion of Ukraine. As individuals and organizations, we can all do our part to collectively provide support and work to make a difference."

"As Ukraine continues to resist invasion from Russia, the need for medical supplies and support of refugees and those who remain in Ukraine is persistent and ongoing. We remain grateful for the outpouring of support from dedicated groups across the globe in our fight to maintain our independence," said Kostyantyn Vorona, counsellor at the Ukraine Embassy in the U.S.

Headquartered in New York City, V6CO is a medical device manufacturer that makes multi-function canes, baby monitors, hearing aids, a perpetual health monitoring ring, portable ECG monitors and diabetes socks. The company was founded shortly before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic ad V6CO temporarily shifted its manufacturing to medical supplies, such as masks, tests, syringes, needles and gloves.

For more information on United Help Ukraine and how to donate, visit https://unitedhelpukraine.org/donate.

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