FDA Clears Baxter's Novum IQ Syringe Infusion Pump

Its user interface incorporates features including colored visual banners that clearly identify enteral delivery.

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The FDA has cleared Baxter's Novum IQ syringe infusion pump (SYR) with Dose IQ Safety Software, which can integrate with hospital electronic medical records (EMRs) through Baxter’s IQ Enterprise Connectivity Suite. 

Syringe infusion pumps are typically used to precisely deliver small amounts of fluid at low rates, often in pediatric, neonatal or anesthesia care settings. The Novum IQ SYR delivers an integrated user experience with enhanced safety features, advanced connectivity, configurable anesthesia care settings and a robust portfolio of sets designed to help deliver optimum accuracy. Its user interface incorporates features including colored visual banners that clearly identify enteral delivery, a backlit keypad and guided syringe loading. 

The Novum IQ SYR features Baxter’s Dose IQ Safety Software, a web-based, customizable drug library and dose error reduction system that supports clinicians and hospitals by:

  • Helping ensure pumps are up to date with the latest drug and dose information through centralized access to drug library files 
  • Incorporating titration error prevention technology to provide additional safety measures for infusions
  • Optimizing information technology infrastructure and accessibility
  • Offering flexibility to scale as hospital systems and technologies evolve

In addition to fully integrating the Novum IQ SYR with hospital EMRs, Baxter’s IQ Enterprise Connectivity Suite: 

  • Enables over-the-air operating system upgrades to all Novum IQ SYRs connected to a hospital’s network 
  • Allows option to enable auto-programming and auto-documentation of infusion data through full bi-directional integration with EMRs  
  • Delivers near real-time infusion data and streamlined infusion reports 
  • Provides clear visualizations of infusion data across a hospital system, allowing efficient identification of safety and process issues at every level of care
  • Offers option to implement tagless asset tracking that shows infusion pump location and status throughout the hospital, helping to save time and optimize resources

Baxter’s application for 510(k) clearance for the Novum IQ LVP in the U.S. remains pending. Subject to receipt of all necessary approvals, Baxter expects to introduce the Novum IQ platform in markets around the world to continue delivering a strong and streamlined experience for customers.

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