BD Launches Updated Prefillable Vaccine Syringe

The BD Effivax Glass Prefillable Syringe will benefit from a $1.2 billion, four-year investment.

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BD today introduced a next-generation glass prefillable syringe (PFS) with new and tightened specifications for processability, cosmetics, contamination and integrity.

The new BD Effivax Glass Prefillable Syringe has been designed in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies to meet the evolving needs of vaccine manufacturing.

"As biopharmaceutical companies continue to rapidly grow their vaccine pipelines, demand for PFS is accelerating across the globe – given their proven ability to facilitate faster administration, support dose sparing and reduce vaccine waste." said Eric Borin, Worldwide President of BD Pharmaceutical Systems. "The launch of BD EffivaxTM Glass Prefillable Syringe strategically supports this growth and will create needed efficiencies in end-to-end production."

Approximately 70 percent of the top 100 biopharmaceutical companies rely on BD for supply of PFS.  BD EffivaxTM Glass Prefillable Syringe will further help customers meet the stringent demands of today's vaccine manufacturing through design enhancements focused on fill/finish and container reliability. Through improved quality specifications, BD EffivaxTM is designed to reduce the risk of line stoppage and improve the total cost of ownership, manufacturing capacity and supply availability.

The BD Effivax Glass Prefillable Syringe will benefit from the $1.2 billion, four-year investment that BD announced in late 2020 to expand and upgrade manufacturing capacity and technology for PFS. As BD plans for the future of vaccinations, including mRNA and those used for COVID-19, the company remains committed to maintaining robust capacity for PFS to help reduce the time and labor required for vaccine preparation with traditional vial formats.

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