Neoteryx Launches Program to Support Microsampling Pilot Studies

Selected recipients will work closely with the Neoteryx team to secure the devices needed for their pilot studies.

Selected Researchers Will Receive Microsampling Devices

Neoteryx, a brand of Trajan Scientific and Medical that provides remote specimen collection and microsampling devices to research and healthcare organizations, launches a new Research Support Program.

The program provides free Mitra microsampling devices as "in-kind" gifts to enable scientists to apply remote blood collection and microsampling in novel studies. This program provides an opportunity to determine the feasibility of remote sampling approaches in different environments. Selected research candidates will be awarded microsampling devices for pilot studies that have the greatest potential to positively impact human health and wellbeing. 

The Research Support Program is open to applicants pursuing new microsampling projects in academic research, medical research, public health, or scientific field studies in a range of geographies. Applications will be evaluated by an internal review board, which will select 2-3 projects per quarter. Projects will be selected based on their fit with judging criteria to include feasibility of remote sampling approaches in new environments that haven't yet been fully investigated, high potential for the shift to microsampling resulting in significant positive impact on human health, and novel use of volumetric microsampling in fields that previously relied on traditional sampling methods. Selected recipients will work closely with the Neoteryx team to secure the devices needed for their pilot studies.

"Remote microsampling enables researchers to expand their studies to reach underserved populations as well as conduct longitudinal studies where minimally invasive sample collection and small sample volumes are beneficial," said Cathy Cordova, General Manager, Microsampling Business, Trajan Scientific and Medical. "During the COVID-19 Pandemic, researchers learned the value of remote microsampling and home sample collection kits that allowed them to reach study volunteers without requiring them to visit a facility and risk exposure to contagions. Those benefits have led to continued interest in our remote devices."  

As part of their support agreement, participants will agree that data shared with Neoteryx, and insights garnered during use of the microsampling devices in studies will be incorporated into marketing information and regulatory filings.

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