DeepScribe, AWS to Scale Generative AI in Healthcare

DeepScribe has processed and labeled over 3 million de-identified clinical conversations captured on its platform.

Deep Scribe And Aws Cover Image

DeepScribe, an enterprise-grade artificial intelligence (AI) medical scribe, announced today that it will be working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to further accelerate and securely scale large language models (LLMs) in healthcare, including by incorporating AWS HealthScribe into its platform. DeepScribe's purpose-built LLMs, trained on one of the largest labeled datasets in healthcare, will serve as a springboard for scaling ambient AI in clinical settings by enabling faster, more accurate, and more customizable generative AI documentation. In addition, DeepScribe will be available to AWS' health system partners in AWS Marketplace.

DeepScribe, with AWS, has processed and labeled over 3 million de-identified clinical conversations captured on its platform. In aggregate, this data was crucial for training multiple proprietary LLMs, laying the groundwork for the development of DeepScribe's most advanced model, HealAI. Leveraging distributed GPUs with Amazon SageMaker, HealAI recently underwent further healthcare-specific training and has since surpassed popular models like GPT-4 in clinical documentation accuracy. These advancements are already making a significant impact at healthcare systems partnered with DeepScribe.

"We're extremely excited about the transformative potential DeepScribe's AI technology brings to our health system," said Frank Fear, Vice President and CIO of Covenant HealthCare. "DeepScribe is empowering us to alleviate the documentation burden, deliver exceptional patient care, and make good on our commitment to prioritize clinician well-being."

DeepScribe announced today that it will now also leverage AWS HealthScribe, a HIPAA-eligible service, powered by Amazon Bedrock, to further improve the accuracy of HealAI within key areas of the clinical note.

"We are excited to be working with AWS to eliminate the burden of documentation for exponentially more providers and unlock better, more accurate medical reasoning capabilities. AWS generative AI services, paired with our dataset, will allow us to push the boundaries of AI in care delivery," says Akilesh Bapu, CEO of DeepScribe.

AWS's commitment to developing responsible AI and DeepScribe's Trust & Safety initiatives are designed to ensure all technological advancements uphold ethical standards, protect patient data, and enhance trust in AI-powered healthcare solutions.

"Reducing documentation burden is a prime example of how generative AI can be applied to positively impact clinician and patient experiences," said Jared Saul, Chief Medical Officer at AWS. "We're excited to be supporting DeepScribe's work in scaling adoption of clinical AI and purpose-built LLMs."

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