ResMed Launches Smallest Full-Face CPAP Mask

The mask is designed for people who sleep on their side.

Healthcare Professionals Airfit F40 Airfit F40 Front View

ResMed today announced the U.S. launch of the AirFit F40, an ultra-compact, full-face CPAP mask.

The AirFit F40 provides the necessary pressure support in a more comfortable, lower-profile full-face mask. The mask is designed for people who sleep on their side, are claustrophobic, and want the stability and seal of a universal fit mask in a minimalist design. In a ResMed clinical study, 88% of patients rated AirFit F40's mask cushion as soft and comfortable and 100% found AirFit F40 easy to use.

"Most users prefer smaller and more streamlined masks, but traditional under-the-nose full-face masks can be challenging to fit properly, maintain a seal, and handle higher pressures. Our new AirFit F40 addresses this problem by offering the best of both worlds: an ultra-compact full-face mask with the high seal performance of an over-the-nose mask – bridging the gap between compactness and effectiveness in full-face masks,” said Justin Leong, ResMed chief product officer.

A key feature of the AirFit F40 is the AdaptiSeal cushion, a 100% soft silicone cushion designed to maintain a facial seal, even when moving around during sleep. Additional features include:

  • A fully flexible frame that keeps the assembly away from patients’ eyes and ears.
  • A full-face mask with a quick-release short tube, reducing tube drag and offering a convenient way to detach and reattach the mask to the device during the night.
  • Headgear without top strap adjustment, which makes for an easier setup and adjustment process.
  • A new textile material and a dark grey color, offering a more modern look.

AirFit F40 is the latest in ResMed’s family of innovative CPAP masks, connected devices, and digital health technologies for helping millions with sleep apnea, COPD, and other chronic diseases sleep, breathe, and live better.

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