Philips and AWS Collaborate to Scale Digital Pathology in the Cloud

The aim is to help labs more efficiently store, manage, and analyze growing volumes of digital pathology data.

Eb3 Dcp Pips Hl Pathology Scanner

Philips announced an expanded collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to address the growing need for secure, scalable digital pathology solutions in the cloud. The collaboration unites Philips’ leadership and expertise in digitization of pathology to optimize clinical workflows and AWS’ leadership in scalable, secure cloud solutions.

Philips and AWS will advance digital pathology and help pathology labs to efficiently store, manage, and analyze growing volumes of digital pathology data and enable more pathology labs to adopt digital workflows to increase productivity. In addition, pathology labs will be able to optimize workflow efficiency and facilitate collaboration among specialists, enabling seamless integration with existing healthcare systems to deliver holistic patient care.Through examination of patient tissue samples, pathology plays a crucial role in the diagnosis and management of a variety of diseases, particularly cancer. With an estimated 70% of important medical decisions involving laboratory or pathology tests [1], the availability of digitally stored pathology images is especially important as it has a significant impact on patient care. The growing need for scalable storage to meet new data volumes and computing resources to power innovative artificial intelligence (AI) models, calls for expanding capabilities of traditional on-premise solutions into the cloud.

Philips is a provider of digital pathology solutions, with more than 300 customers using the fully digital workflow of Philips IntelliSite Pathology. Philips’ collaboration with AWS has the potential to enable large scale clinical trials, multi-institute studies, and care collaboration to address complex cases, including in cancer care. Philips will use AWS HealthImaging to optimize storage, increase scale and enable AI and research across the healthcare system to advance pathology image analysis and simplify clinical workflows. Additionally, Amazon Bedrock, which offers high-performing foundation models (FMs), will support generative AI application development and integration.

Combined with Philips HealthSuite Imaging on AWS to support radiologists, Philips’ broad capabilities in enterprise informatics enable an integrated diagnostics approach to empower clinicians with improved diagnostic workflows, quicker access to images from any location – helping along the entire workflow across enterprise imaging, from diagnosis to treatment options and follow-up.

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