Medline Introduces Medication Delivery System to Respiratory Portfolio

TurboMist is designed to be the fastest small volume nebulizer on the market.

Turbo Mist Pr

Medline today announced the latest addition to its respiratory care portfolio, the Hudson RCI TurboMist small volume nebulizer. Delivering medication treatments in as quick as three minutes, TurboMist is designed to be the fastest small volume nebulizer on the market.

TurboMist delivers 2.5 times more medication per minute than a standard nebulizer, significantly reducing treatment times to just three minutes – nearly 70% faster than a standard nebulizer – empowering respiratory therapists and clinicians to deliver faster, more cost-effective care. Additional benefits of TurboMist include:

  • Better deposition: Faster medication delivery with an optimal respirable fraction helps speed patient relief;
  • Improved patient compliance: Faster treatment means less time holding the device, helping make the experience easier for patients, and reducing incomplete treatments;
  • Greater comfort and efficacy: Comfortable swivel mouthpiece to help reduce mask use and works while sitting or supine;
  • Suitable for use with patients aged five and up in a hospital or homecare setting.

The addition of TurboMist is an extension of the company's commitment to taking an innovative approach to growing its respiratory portfolio and empowering best practices across the continuum of care. Product categories include oxygen delivery, medication delivery, bronchial hygiene, ventilation products, airway management, and minor capital.

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