Bayer Launches Cloud-Based Imaging Application Platform

The apps will be centered around three key areas.

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Bayer today launched Calantic Digital Solutions, a cloud-hosted platform delivering access to digital applications, including AI-enabled programs, for medical imaging.

The offering contains tools to help triage critical patient findings for expedited review, improve lesion detection and automate tasks. With this launch, Bayer expands its radiology portfolio beyond contrast media, devices, software and services.

“AI has the potential to transform healthcare, and, particularly in medical imaging, it can turn the growing amounts of data into value-adding insights to support radiologists and their teams in their decision-making,” said Dr. Ryan Lee, Chair, Department of Radiology, Einstein Healthcare Network, Philadelphia. “It is crucial to drive innovation in this area and broaden access to digital tools that can help address the rising demand for solutions which improve the speed and accuracy of diagnoses.”

The apps will be centered around three key areas to help manage efficiencies across the radiology workflow: triage apps to flag suspected pathologies and findings that warrant urgent review and treatment; detection apps to improve lesion detection; and quantification apps for automation of routine tasks.

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