Esaote Debuts New MyLab X90 Ultrasound Device

MyLab X90 extends the XCrystal probe family and a dual-layer eLed monitor by Barco.

Esaote Mlx90

Esaote introduced MyLab X90, its new ultrasound system.

"Accuracy and precision across the entire image generation chain, data processing speed and native AI-based application management lie at the heart of MyLab™X90," said Guillaume Gauthier, Ultrasound Global Product Marketing Manager.  "As well as providing high-quality images and advanced clinical solutions, our aim was to revolutionize daily workflows by increasing the speed and accuracy of analysis, together with improving the operator experience and the clinical outcome for patients."

MyLab X90 extends the XCrystal probe family and a dual-layer eLed monitor by Barco. These ensure on-screen image display at a high contrast resolution.

MyLab X90 also offers advanced ergonomics in clinical solutions focused on the operator, which extend data analysis capacity and ensure a customer experience based on diagnostic confidence, as well as on automation to improve the usability and availability of advanced technologies in everyday clinical practice.

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