Casio to Release Uterocervical Observation Camera

It supports the early detection of cervical cancer.

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Casio Computer announced today that the DZ-C100 COLPOCAMERA, which is designed for uterocervical observation and photography in gynecological settings, and the CST-100M camera stand will be released on September 5. These products will be marketed by Casio Europe GmbH (Norderstedt, Germany) and Casio Electronics Co. Ltd. (Wembley, UK). The PC image management software D'z IMAGE Viewer C will also be available on that same day.

In March 2022 in Japan, Casio released the DZ-C100 COLPOCAMERA, which supports the early detection of cervical cancer, the CST-100M camera stand, which is designed for ease of operability and convenience, and the D'z IMAGE Viewer C software, which provides efficient image management. The DZ-C100 has been highly praised for its ability to capture three types of images (normal/green/polarized) with a single shutter press, the way its Touch Focus Function allows the user to focus on an area just by touching it on the LCD monitor, and the design of the CST-100M stand, which makes the unit easy to store and move in confined spaces.

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