Nanox Picks Varex to Manufacture X-Ray Tube for its Medical Imaging System

The Nanox.ARC is a 3D tomosynthesis multisource imaging system that uses a proprietary and novel digital cathode X-ray source.

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NANO-X IMAGING LTD, a medical imaging technology company, today announced the entrance into a manufacture and supply agreement with Varex Imaging Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of X-ray imaging components, under which Varex will supply X-ray tubes utilizing the Nanox digital X-ray source for the Nanox.ARC system. The agreement was entered into after Varex completed, over the last several months, an assessment of Nanox’s novel digital X-ray source.

The Nanox.ARC is a 3D tomosynthesis multisource imaging system that uses a proprietary and novel digital cathode X-ray source that Nanox believes can achieve the same functionalities as legacy X-ray cathodes, while allowing for lower-cost production than existing medical imaging systems. The Company’s holistic, end-to-end imaging solution integrates the Nanox.ARC and Nanox’s teleradiology services, and, in the future, Nanox intends to add artificial intelligence (“AI”) technology for a seamless continuum from image capture through AI analysis and interpretation by trained radiologists.

Varex Imaging Corporation is an independent supplier of medical X-ray imaging components and image processing solutions, playing an important role in applications like medical imaging, cargo screening, and border security for global X-ray imaging system manufacturers. With a history spanning over 70 years, Varex’s commitment lies in supporting its partners’ success and advancing product development to benefit healthcare and industrial applications on a global scale.

Under the agreement, Nanox may order X-ray tubes from Varex for use in its Nanox.ARC system. Varex agreed to manufacture and supply the X-ray tubes in exchange for payment therefor in the form of a revenue-sharing fee (subject to a minimum annual amount per system) based on the Company’s pay-per-scan revenue from Nanox.ARC systems using Varex X-ray tubes worldwide. Subject to receipt of requisite local regulatory clearance, Nanox has also agreed to use Varex X-ray tubes in a minimum percentage of all Nanox.ARC systems that are deployed and operating.

On April 28, 2023, the company received a 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to market the multi-source Nanox.ARC (including the Nanox.CLOUD, its accompanying cloud-based infrastructure), as a stationary X-ray system intended to produce tomographic images of the human musculoskeletal system adjunctive to conventional radiography, on adult patients. This device is ‎intended to be used in professional healthcare ‎facilities or ‎radiological ‎environments, such as ‎hospitals, clinics, imaging ‎centers and ‎other medical practices‎ by trained radiographers, ‎radiologists and physicians. Representing a major advancement in X-ray tube technology, Nanox.ARC is a multi-source digital 3D tomosynthesis system that utilizes novel, cold cathode X-ray tubes, which the Company intends to offer using an innovative pay-per-scan business model.

Nanox is making progress toward commercialization of the Nanox.ARC system. Nanox has installed Nanox.ARC systems in Nigeria, Morocco and Ghana for demonstration and training purposes. Nanox aims to increase early detection of medical conditions that are discoverable by X-ray by improving access to imaging, in line with its vision to close the health equity gap in medical imaging.

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