Hitachi Consolidates Healthcare Business

It is an absorption-type company split.


TOKYO -- Hitachi and Hitachi High-Tech today announced plans to transfer Hitachi's Healthcare Business Division to Hitachi High-Tech, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi, through a company split effective April 1, 2024, for the purpose of strengthening the healthcare business in the Hitachi Group. The move excludes the nuclear fusion and research accelerator-related development department.

Through the company split, Hitachi High-Tech will promote the healthcare business based on “Diagnosis x Treatment x Digital” and create healthcare innovation.

Since this is an absorption-type company split in which the business will be succeeded by a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, disclosure regarding the split can be simplified. 

In the healthcare field, Hitachi is developing businesses related to diagnosis, treatment, and digital healthcare in Japan and overseas. In the diagnostic area, the company supplies laboratory automation systems to university hospitals and large-scale laboratories.

In the area of treatment, Hitachi provides radiotherapy system such as particle therapy systems and X-ray therapy systems for cancer treatment, as well as automated cell culture systems for culturing large numbers of cells for use in regenerative medicine. The company is also engaged in digital healthcare-related businesses that use healthcare data such as diagnosis and treatment.

Hitachi High-Tech promotes its business in four areas:

  1. Analytical & Medical Solutions
  2. Nano- Technology Solutions
  3. Value Chain Solutions
  4. Core Technology Solutions.

Analytical & Medical Solutions provide new value in the healthcare field by integrating cutting-edge “analysis and automation technologies” with digital technology. To date, the segment has contributed to improve quality and efficiency of testing with a product lineup that includes in-vitro diagnostic equipment that analyzes blood and other specimens to support the diagnosis of diseases, and DNA sequencers that contribute to genomic medicine.

In the future, by entering the molecular diagnostics business, the company aims to contribute to the improvement of people's quality of life through (QoL) “personalized medicine” and “sophisticated diagnosis of intractable diseases."

Going forward, Hitachi will effectively implement its “Diagnosis x Treatment x Digital” strategy to create healthcare innovations such as high-quality, highly functional diagnosis, minimally invasive treatment, optimization of diagnosis and treatment, and realization of personalized medicine, aiming to improve people’s QoL and create “a society without fear of cancer and other diseases."

An outline of the split:

(1) Schedule of the Company Split

Signing of the agreement: February 2024 (scheduled)

Effective date for the split: April 1, 2024 (scheduled)

(2) Company Split Method

The split is an absorption-type split under which Hitachi will be the splitting company and Hitachi High-Tech will be the succeeding company.

(3) Handling of stock acquisition rights and bonds with stock acquisition rights

There will be no changes in the handling of stock acquisition rights issued by Hitachi due to the split. Hitachi has no bonds with stock acquisition rights.

(4) Capitalization changes

There will be no changes in Hitachi’s capitalization as a result of the Company split.

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