Medtronic Debuts ColonPRO Software for Intelligent Endoscopy System

GI Genius is a commercially available CADe system using AI to identify colorectal polyps.

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Medtronic announced ColonPRO, the latest generation software for the GI Genius intelligent endoscopy system, along with a strategic collaboration designed to enhance patient care.

GI Genius is a commercially available computer-aided detection (CADe) system using AI to identify colorectal polyps. The system now incorporates a new feature that provides procedural highlights; an important milestone in its ability to automate physicians' workflow, reduce administrative burdens in documentation, and pave the way for future integration with electronic health records. The update also provides user interface enhancements to support the development of third-party applications through the AI Access platform, introduced at last year's Genius Summit.

Medtronic also announced its collaboration with Modernizing Medicine (ModMed) further emphasizing its commitment to a synergistic approach to the future of endoscopic care. ModMed's gGastro EHR software is complementary to the GI Genius™ system, offering robust documentation solutions.

The companies will begin testing out new capabilities for future integration, moving closer to their shared vision of enabling gGastro EHR software to receive real-time, AI-generated data from the GI Genius system, making the documentation process more efficient and enabling physicians to spend more of their time on patient care.

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