Bionix Debuts Patient Marking Device for Radiation Oncology Treatment

The IsoMark has a retracting, non-cannulated needle that is hidden within the device.


For more than a decade, Bionix has supplied the radiation oncology sector of the healthcare industry with Accu-Tatt®, an all-inclusive, sterile, single-use tattooing device that marks targeted areas on a patient's body for proper alignment during radiation therapy procedures.

Working with an inventive medical professional with years of experience applying tattoos to patients to prepare them for radiation therapy treatment, Bionix has developed the next generation of radiation oncology tattooing devices, IsoMark.

IsoMark has a retracting, non-cannulated needle that is hidden within the device, thereby reducing the risk of occupational needlestick injuries. With its fixed-depth needle, IsoMark prevents over-insertion into the patient's skin, ensuring accurate placement and size of tattoos for more precise alignment of procedures. In addition, IsoMark offers an easy to use, ergonomically designed device that is comfortable for the practitioner to hold and use.

IsoMark uses sterile ink to protect against infections. It is available with black or ultraviolet ink, which works well on darker skin-tones and for individuals who want a less visible tattoo mark after radiation therapy treatment is complete.

According to a study conducted through the University of Alabama at Birmingham, occupational needlestick injuries cost $258 million each year with an average incident cost of over $3,000. In one IsoMark radiation oncology technician test group, one-third of the participants had experienced recent needlesticks while tattooing patients. In this occupation, application of patient tattoos is the only time a radiation therapist comes into contact with a needle.

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