Sona Nanotech Taps Minnetronix to Engineer its Hypothermia Cancer Therapy Light Device

It will transfer energy by way of infrared light to Sona’s proprietary, biocompatible gold nanorods in cancerous tumors.

Targeted Hyperthermia Therapy Transfers Energy Via Infrared Light To Biocompatible Gold Nanorods In Colorectal Cancerous Tumors Which Will Then Convert The Light Energy Into Heat
Sona Nanotech

Sona Nanotech, a nanotechnology company developing pre-clinical Targeted Hyperthermia Therapy for colorectal cancer, is pleased to announce the selection of Minnetronix Medical to engineer the second generation of its infrared light device. The device will be used in Sona’s development of Targeted Hyperthermia Therapy to transfer energy by way of infrared light to Sona’s proprietary, biocompatible gold nanorods in cancerous tumors which will then convert the light energy into heat. The light device is being designed to fit in the auxiliary channel of the sigmoidoscopes and colonoscopes used by oncology gastroenterologists.

Minnetronix provides medical device design, development, and manufacturing services across several technology specialties including optical devices, with expertise in complex opto-mechanics, illumination system design, optical system integration, power and heat management, and LED and laser system designs. Minnetronix has worked with hundreds of clients to engineer and manufacture cutting-edge medical devices.

“Sona Nanotech’s developing Targeted Hyperthermia Therapy will rely on a technologically sophisticated light device that the optics team at Minnetronix has deep experience developing and manufacturing.” said Jeremy Maniak, CEO of Minnetronix.

“Our studies to date have shown the ability of infrared light to heat gold nanorods in vivo when applied to the exterior of cancerous tumors in mice.  We’re leveraging Minnetronix’s medical device engineering expertise to evolve our light device to provide infrared light internally, using existing gastroenterology scopes, for our developing colorectal cancer THT therapy,” said Sona CEO David Regan.

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