New 3D Viewer Reveals Tumor Spatial Characteristics

The device provides a comprehensive and spatially accurate view of tumors and surrounding tissues.

PathoCruz 3D is an automated histological 3D reconstruction tool.
PathoCruz 3D is an automated histological 3D reconstruction tool.
Wision A.I.

Wision A.I., a software medical device startup, recently launched PathoCruz 3D, an automated histological 3D reconstruction tool. Designed to elevate the art of tumor histopathological assessment, the device promises to reveal the spatial characteristics of tumors. The innovation was showcased at the annual meeting of College of American Pathologists 2023.

Histopathology has long relied on two-dimensional representations of tissue samples to diagnose and understand diseases, particularly cancer. However, with the PathoCruz 3D Viewer, Wision hopes to usher in a new era of diagnostic precision. The device uses advanced imaging technology and artificial intelligence to generate 3D renderings of tissue samples with a granularity of 500 um3, providing a comprehensive and spatially accurate view of tumors and surrounding tissues.

The key benefits of PathoCruz 3D includes:

  1. Spatial Accuracy for Enhanced Diagnostics: By synchronizing maps of cancerous regions across adjacent slides from a tumor, the software provides a unique perspective on factors such as size, shape, invasion depth, volume and other spatial metrics. The breakthrough improves diagnostic precision, paving the way for the development of personalized treatment plans for patients.
  2. Automated Post-Procedure Assessments: Many procedures, especially those involving serial sectioning and meticulous assessment of surgical resection margins, such as endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD), demand careful evaluation of remaining risks. This software offers the advantage of automating post-procedure pathological assessments, thereby saving valuable time.
  3. Educational Value: Medical institutions can use this technology to enhance education and training in the fields of histology and pathology, ensuring the next generation of professionals is equipped with the latest tools and knowledge.
  4. Research Advancements: Researchers and scientists can accelerate their studies by gaining deeper insight into the spatial characteristics of tumors, potentially leading to breakthroughs in cancer treatment.

"PathoCruz 3D relies on precise cancer localization AI algorithms operating at the 2D whole-slide imaging level," says Dr. Sophie Xiao, chief scientist at Wision A.I. "Recognizing histological features across various cancers has always presented technical challenges; however, investment is justified. Accurate 2D localization and 3D reconstruction enable healthcare professionals to perceive tumors in their complete spatial context, enabling more precise and effective treatments. We are confident that this technology will profoundly impact patient care and advance medical research."

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