Onkos Surgical Unveils New Manufacturing and Innovation Center

It also debuted a novel growing implant designed for pediatric patients with bone cancer.

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Onkos Surgical

Onkos Surgical, a provider of solutions for musculoskeletal oncology and complex orthopedic procedures, announced its launch of the JTS Extendible Prosthesis, a novel growing implant designed for pediatric patients with bone cancer, and unveiled its new, state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D innovation center at its Parsippany, NJ headquarters to support the integration and growth of the technology.

The JTS Extendible Prosthesis is a growing implant with a significant body of clinical evidence for pediatric patients with bone cancer. With the use of magnetic technology, the implant expands non-invasively to accommodate the patients natural growth curve, preserving lower limb length equality for young patients with bone loss due to cancer. The addition of the JTS technology expands the company's access and ability to provide solutions for pediatric patients.

"This milestone reflects an exciting evolution for Onkos as the company accelerates our investments to serve the pediatric musculoskeletal oncology space and broaden our Precision Orthopaedics portfolio. The new manufacturing facility and innovation center will enable a more agile production environment and provide a world-class experience for our customers. Everything about the design of the facility is geared toward increasing speed, capacity and ownership of the supply chain to optimize our ability to deliver personalized devices," said Gary Thomas, Onkos VP of Manufacturing. 

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