Stryker launches Gamma4 Hip Fracture Nailing System in Europe

The Gamma4 system is designed to treat hip and femur fractures.

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Stryker today announced the release of its Gamma4 Hip Fracture Nailing System in most of the European markets. The newest Gamma system will provide surgeons with the next generation of Stryker’s intramedullary nailing system. The Gamma4 system is designed to treat hip and femur fractures and streamline procedural workflows for surgeons. The system received the CE certification in Europe in September 2023.

Used in over 25,000 cases in North America and Japan, the Gamma4 System is indicated for the treatment of fractures in the intracapsular, trochanteric, subtrochanteric and shaft regions of the femur (including osteoporotic and osteopenic bone). Key features include:

  • Designed using our SOMA database of over 34,000 3D bone models generated from CT scans, Gamma4 has a chamfered distal tip, a 5mm shorter proximal body compared to Gamma3, and a length-dependent radius of curvature (RoC) for long nails, enhancing anatomical fit and usability.
  • The Precision Pin offers more resistance to pull out, and the potential for skiving is reduced by 66% compared to a standard ∅3.2 K-wire.
  • Integrated instrument platform. Gamma4 and T2Alpha nails now all work on the same instrument platform, standardizing surgical procedures.
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