OrthoXel Receives FDA Clearance for its Vertex Hip Fracture Nail

The primary aim of surgical intervention for hip fractures is stabilization.

Vertex Press Release Image

The Vertex Hip Fracture Nail offers an approach to fracture fixation, aiming to enhance patient outcomes and streamline surgical procedures. The current approaches to hip fracture treatment often encounter hurdles such as instability, which leads to high cutout rates, limited patient mobility post-surgery, persistent pain during recovery, and nonunion complications. OrthoXel's Vertex HFN combats these clinical challenges head-on, offering a highly stable and versatile product.

The primary aim of surgical intervention for hip fractures is stabilization. The company's HFN features two proximal interdigitating screws produce enhanced screw fixation.

The radially fluted nail stem ensures rotational and overall construct stability, particularly in the intertrochanteric and metaphyseal regions of the femur. The versatile design offers three proximal construct options to accommodate various fracture types, patient anatomies, and intra-operative requirements. Select between two interdigitating lag screw configurations, with inferior or superior screw placement or, alternatively, a solid lag screw is available for a conventional proximal construct.

Vertex redefines the user experience with its intuitive design and integration into existing surgical workflows. Both implants and instruments feature radiographic guides and cues that allow for enhanced visualization during surgery.

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