Security Breach: An Unlikely Assist from Ransomware and the Looming Threats of AI

How artificial intelligence will drive new attacks, but a familiar foe could help upgrade defenses.

One of the biggest challenges surrounding industrial cybersecurity is the size of the attack surface that must be monitored, assessed, and constantly updated in order to evolve with the rising number of complex threat actors. Throw in a growing number of connection points, APIs and new and legacy network component combinations, and the complexity only grows. 

This makes improving visibility within the OT system not only vitally important, but a seemingly enormous concern.  Dragos recently reported that up to 80 percent of OT security personnel lack complete OT system visibility. 

Our guest for this episode, Moty Kanias, VP of Cyber Strategy and Alliances at NanoLock Security, has seen firsthand the type of catastrophic results this lack of visibility and OT-specific security expertise can create.

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