Medaccred Makes Qualified Manufacturers List Publicly Available

Accredited companies included in the QML are elite within the medical device industry.

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The MedAccred program is giving all stakeholders access to its Qualified Manufacturers List (QML), following a recommendation from the new Best Practices in Supply Chain Resiliency and Quality Working Group. The working group comprises leading medtech OEMs, contract manufacturers, suppliers, government, and industry associations, and is chaired by the MedAccred program.

Accredited companies included in the QML are elite within the medical device industry, having achieved MedAccred Accreditation after meeting stringent critical process audit requirements, set by MedAccred OEM Subscribers – Baxter, BD, Boston Scientific, Edwards Lifesciences, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Philips, Roche Diagnostics and Stryker. Until now, the QML has only been accessible to OEM Subscribers of the MedAccred program, but implementation of the working group recommendation changes that, so that anyone can access the records.

The list will be of interest to Quality, Procurement, and Research and Development personnel, regulators, and many others, as it provides an invaluable resource for identifying supplier quality, sourcing suppliers, and conducting research and development, among other activities.

The QML has many advanced search capabilities and can be accessed by visiting, and registering on, the EAN platform at

The list includes companies accredited to the following critical processes:

    • Cable and Wire Harness
    • Heat Treating
      • Plastics Extrusion
        • Plastics Injection Molding
          • Plastics Mechanical Assembly
            • Printed Boards (Bare Boards)
              • Printed Circuit Board Assembly
                • Sterile Device Packaging
                  • Sterilization
                    • Welding
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