Reusable Suction Canisters Support Fluid Waste Retention and Disposal

Liners have been drop tested and stretch up to 270% of initial dimension.

Fluid Fighter Suction Canister
Typenex Medical

Typenex Medical LLC, an expert supplier for operating rooms, has announced the launch of Fluid Fighter Suction Canisters and Liners, the latest addition to their comprehensive collection of fluid waste management solutions. The new product line includes reusable suction canisters, disposable suction liners, trolleys, wall mounts, solidifiers and various auxiliary accessories to support fluid waste retention and disposal in clinical settings.

Fluid Fighter Suction Canisters and Liners have been engineered to manage fluid waste buildup and help improve operating room turnover times. Adapters and custom solutions also offer system compatibility with other brands and seamless integration with existing workflows.

"We are excited for the launch of Fluid Fighter Suction Canisters and Liners, a series designed with quality and compatibility in mind. This simple yet effective portfolio will continue to provide long-term value while prioritizing the needs of clinicians," said Dylan Ash, Product Manager, Typenex Medical.

  • Suction liners seat themselves in about 8 seconds, 50% faster than competing brands
  • Liners have been drop tested and stretch up to 270% of initial dimension
  • Liners are equipped with an integrated hydrophobic filter with >99.85% bacterial filtration efficiency and 97.5% viral filtration efficiency to prevent backflow of fluids and bacterial/viral transfer†
  • Canisters feature an integrated one-piece design for shatter-resistance; backed by a 20-year guarantee

"Fluid Fighter Suction Canisters and Liners are just the latest extension of our ever-growing floor fluid management portfolio," added Ash. "We look forward to serving customers with smart innovations and personalized support for years to come."

As a Premier-contracted supplier, many of Typenex Medical's fluid waste management solutions are available through Premier national group purchasing agreements. Premier members can, at their discretion, take advantage of special pricing and terms for absorbent floor mats, suction discs, suction mats and more.

Learn more about Fluid Fighter Suction Canisters and Liners here.

Typenex Medical is a medical device and supply company founded by entrepreneur and investor, John Fife. Typenex Medical is committed to connecting with customers to understand their process needs, then delivering tailored products to help streamline workflows. For more information, please visit

Contact: Dylan AshProduct Manager, Operating Room866-897-3639 [email protected]

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