Dr. Waleed Brinjikji is medical director at MIVI Neuroscience, which develops and commercializes devices for complex neurointerventional procedures, and an internationally respected interventional neuroradiologist in Rochester, Minn.

Dr. Brinjikji has conducted extensive stroke and neuroendovascular research, with more than 500 peer-reviewed papers and multiple industry and NIH grants, including for a study on improving revascularization techniques in stroke. He trained at top North American institutions, including the University of Toronto.

At MIVI, he provides input and medical guidance for clinical research and studies, product design and development, and clinical and customer communications. MIVI’s products are the Q Aspiration Catheter, which optimizes luminal radius and length for optimal aspiration, and the DAISe Thrombectomy Device, designed to reduce distal embolization and improve patient outcomes.

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