Rhinostics Launches Small Volume Blood Collection Device

The VERIstic is for use in at-home and clinician-assisted collection methods .

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Rhinostics launched its VERIstic collection device focused on small volume blood collection.

The VERIstic is for use in at-home and clinician-assisted collection methods and is a high-throughput replacement for antibody, hormone and protein detection, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), dried blood spot (DBS) cards, genetic testing, clinical trials, and other applications enabled by a simple finger prick collection.

“We’re very excited to bring this truly unique and simple innovation to the blood collection market,” said Cheri Walker, PhD, President and CEO of Rhinostics. “Finally, patients and clinicians can be assured of comfortable metered blood collection, where the clear capillary allows the collector to monitor collection and laboratories gain consistent blood collection combined with cost and time-saving efficiencies during processing through automated decapping and robotic sample processing.”

The collection device combines capillary blood collection with an integrated, automation-ready cap to save time, money, and hassles in a hands-free workflow when the sample reaches the laboratory. For patients and clinicians, the collection is rapid, simple, and comfortable. Once the finger is pricked with a lancet, 50 µL of blood is instantly wicked up the 3-sided capillary tube.

The tube is screwed into its matching transport tube for shipment to the laboratory. When it reaches the laboratory, 96 samples can be accessioned in seconds through 2D barcodes located on the transport tube bottom followed by robotic decapping of the samples, rapid elution of the sample, and automated liquid handling technologies. With gentle agitation, blood elutes from the capillary tube and is immediately ready for processing while lab technicians are free to focus their attention elsewhere. The VERIstic enables efficient, hands-free and low labor workflows.

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