Lumaflex Launches More Affordable Red Light Therapy Device

It's designed for speedy 10-minute treatments.

Lumaflex 2

Lumaflex, a health tech startup that has developed the world's first FDA-cleared portable, flexible, waterproof red light therapy device, has announced the launch of a new device called Lumaflex Essential.

Priced at $399 per device, Lumaflex Essential has many of the same features and benefits as the company's core red light therapy device, Lumaflex Body Pro, but is designed for speedy 10-minute treatments. Lumaflex Essential is not just for competitive athletes or fitness enthusiasts. This affordably priced device can help a wide range of people who are experiencing chronic pain or other conditions that could benefit from red light therapy. 

Lumaflex Essential is a red light therapy product that brings the healing powers of red and infrared light to a flexible, portable device. Clinical studies have shown that red light therapy can be an effective treatment for numerous conditions, including inflammation, chronic pain and muscle and joint pain. What sets Lumaflex Essential apart is its lightweight yet durable design, enabling convenient therapy at home, in the gym, or while traveling. Priced at a more accessible $399, Lumaflex Essential allows more people to experience athlete-level red light therapy benefits.

Key features of Lumaflex Essential:

  • Targeted Red Light Wavelengths for Maximum Effect
  • FDA Cleared Class II Medical Device
  • Non-invasive Natural Healing
  • Fully Portable & Flexible Design
  • Speedy On-the-Go 10-Minute Treatments
  • More Affordable Price: $399
  • Please note: Waterproof is only in the Lumaflex Body Pro version
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