Laborie Launches New Fluid Drainage Device

It provides an expanded indication for thoracentesis.

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Laborie Medical Technologies

Laborie Medical Technologies announced the launch of the RenovaRP Centesis System, a fluid drainage device designed to advance patient care and improve efficiency for healthcare professionals. The RenovaRP Centesis System builds upon the current RenovaRP paracentesis pump by providing an expanded indication for thoracentesis and design enhancements to the handle and nest of the device to improve the overall user experience.

The treatment of paracentesis and thoracentesis involves the puncture and aspiration of fluid from body cavities, such as the abdomen (paracentesis) and the chest (thoracentesis). This process is crucial for patients suffering from various conditions, including ascites or pleural effusion.

The RenovaRP Centesis System offers a safe, efficient, and minimally invasive solution to address these medical conditions, improving patient comfort and reducing recovery times. The System will be featured at upcoming gastroenterology conferences in early 2024.

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