Smart Meter Debuts Cellular-Enabled Glucose Meter

It offers notifications and support for multiple languages.

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Smart Meter

Smart Meter has introduced a new version of the iGlucose, its patented cellular-connected glucose meter, with several new advanced features.

The iGlucose Plus is a glucose meter that is easy to use and requires no synching, pairing, smartphone, or Wi-Fi. It automatically transmits results to the patient’s provider using built-in cellular technology allowing real-time tracking of blood glucose levels from anywhere.

The new iGlucose Plus allows patients to receive important notifications and reminders, both automated and proactively sent from a health care provider or supplier, directly on the device. Notifications can include dietary reminders designed to help patients make better food choices or prescription pick-up reminders from a pharmacy. iGlucose Plus has a clear, color LED screen allowing easier viewing of testing instructions and results, leading to better patient satisfaction and adherence to testing guidelines. iGlucose Plus is available with Spanish language on-screen prompts providing improved access to care to a largely underserved patient population. With over-the-air software updates via cellular connectivity, iGlucose Plus has the ability to add new features at the patient level.

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