Magnolia Medical Wins Patent-Infringement Lawsuit Against Kurin

The jury awarded significant damages in their final verdict.

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A jury for the U.S. District Court of Delaware delivered two unanimous verdicts this week in favor of Magnolia Medical Technologies, Inc. in a lawsuit against Kurin, Inc., regarding the unlawful use of its innovative Initial Specimen Diversion Device (ISDD) technology.

After a two-phased trial and short deliberations, the jury confirmed that Kurin has used Magnolia Medical's patented technology, which is clinically proven to significantly reduce blood culture contamination, without the company's permission. The jury also validated Magnolia Medical's patented technology and awarded significant damages in their final verdict.

"Magnolia Medical Technologies is gratified by the jury's unanimous verdicts in our favor this week, finding that Kurin, Inc. unlawfully used our innovative technology without permission," said Magnolia Medical's CEO and Co-Founder Greg Bullington. "The verdicts reflect extensive evidence presented across two phases of trial, affirming the value of our innovative Steripath Initial Specimen Diversion Device technology and our leading position in the blood culture collection and contamination prevention market." 

A pioneer in both technique and technology for blood culture collection for sepsis testing, Magnolia Medical has partnered with hundreds of U.S. hospitals and healthcare systems to address the problem of blood culture contamination with Steripath. Reducing blood culture contamination, which can contribute to a misdiagnosis of sepsis and unnecessary administration of broad-spectrum antibiotics, is one of the most effective methods in preventing multi-drug resistant organisms (MDROs) and avoiding antibiotic-related infections like Clostridioides difficile Infection (CDI), reducing extended length of stay and healthcare costs.

"We take great pride in being an evidence-based company and having the only FDA 510(k)-cleared platform specifically indicated to reduce blood culture contamination, and the only all-in-one device that meets the CDC's new evidence-based guidelines for reducing blood culture contamination," Bullington added.

Bullington concluded, "Magnolia Medical is deeply committed to our Mission to ZERO, with the goal of eliminating sepsis misdiagnosis. We have invested more than a decade of effort and resources into clinical research, product development, and market development to achieve this goal. This week's verdicts validate our work and support our strategy to establish a new standard of care for sepsis testing accuracy."

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