Selux Raises $48M for Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing Platform

The company said it delivers results days faster than the current standard of care.

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Selux Diagnostics

Selux Diagnostics, a Boston-based Biotech startup combatting superbug infections and fighting antimicrobial resistance (AMR), announced it has received an additional $48 million to launch the next phase of commercialization of the Selux Next Generation Phenotyping (NGP) System within the United States.

The Selux NGP System is a rapid Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing (AST) platform that delivers results days faster than the current standard of care. Currently, AST, the critical diagnostic test that informs personalized antibiotic therapy, can take up to 3-5 days for a result. The Selux NGP System can deliver same-day AST results which will transform patient care and reduce the overreliance on broad spectrum antibiotics, a major factor in the increase of superbugs.

This new round of funding was led by RA Capital Management with participation from Northpond Ventures, Sands Capital, and Schooner Capital.

Along with the $48 million, Selux also received their third FDA clearance earlier this year making the Selux NGP System the only FDA cleared, single-platform rapid AST technology that can deliver AST results in a matter of hours for both isolated colonies and positive blood culture. The science and technology behind the Selux NGP System is redefining speed and AST performance, combatting superbugs head-on.

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