Qosina Introduces New Single-Use Sensor Bag Ports

They offer non-invasive monitoring and come pre-calibrated for plug-and-play use.

1280x960 Polestar Technologies I Dot Bw Pr

Qosina, a global supplier of OEM single-use components to the medical and pharmaceutical industries, has partnered with Polestar Technologies, a company specializing in optical sensing technologies. Qosina announced the addition of iDOT Single-Use Sensor Bag Ports from Polestar Technologies to its extensive portfolio.

These integrated Disposable Optical Transducer (iDOT) gamma-stable bag ports offer non-invasive monitoring and come pre-calibrated for plug-and-play use. Polestar’s iDOT sensor configuration allows for integration of pH and dissolved oxygen (DO) monitoring to single-use bags, including bioreactors. They feature a POE bag port with sensing film, using materials that meet USP Class VI requirements. These bag ports are designed to work with Polestar Technologies’ DSP series optical process monitoring products, where the bag port would attach to a Polestar fiber optic cable. All products are made in the USA.

Qosina will market the iDOT bag ports to customers of all needs and sizes. Whether in R&D or full-scale production. Qosina’s ability to serve large and small customers, along with its high service levels, extensive product portfolio, sampling capabilities and technical expertise, will help fill an important supply chain and distribution role for Polestar Technologies.

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