Radiology Software Company Sirona Connects to SpaceX's Starlink

It will allow radiologists to practice from almost anywhere in the world.

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Sirona Medical, the leader in cloud-native radiology workflow software, today announces general support for SpaceX's Starlink platform, allowing Sirona's industry-leading performance from almost anywhere in the world.

  • Sirona Performance (Using Starlink Business):
    • P90 Time to First Image: 2.3 seconds
    • P90 Speech-to-Text Latency: <500ms

"Reading from the side of a mountain in Colorado with Sirona and Starlink gives me fast imaging load speeds, more accurate speech-to-text, and a more efficient workflow experience than I've had with any of the other PACS & reporting systems I've used," said Dr. Samir Mehta, Sirona's Head of Clinical Operations. "Any computer, anywhere, any time. Sirona really is changing the way radiologists practice medicine and making it easy for radiologists to practice. Remote reading and system upgrades were previously difficult for IT teams to manage, and with Sirona, are now as simple as logging in through any Chromium browser."

Since 2018, Sirona Medical has raised nearly $100 million to rebuild radiology IT specifically for the cloud ("cloud native"). In addition to transforming the accessibility & value of AI to radiologists, Sirona's novel architecture allows practices to unify all of their disparate IT stacks onto a single universal reading platform, generating clinical efficiencies of as much as 25% from this unification alone. Now with support for Starlink, Sirona is democratizing the access radiologists have to the tools they need to practice.

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