Q Bio's New MRI Tech Promises Quantitative, Harmonized Imaging Data

TFM will make its debut in the company’s upcoming Mark I full body scanner.

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Q Bio today announced the launch of Tensor Field Mapping (TFM), a new technology for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) that provides detailed insights into the human body that were previously unimaginable. Unlike traditional MRIs that provide qualitative data prone to machine or clinical variations, TFM delivers quantitative, harmonized imaging data that can be immediately accessed by AI to accelerate diagnostics.

TFM will make its debut in the company’s upcoming Mark I full body scanner. The technology provides quantifiable data lacking in traditional MRIs so that properties of tissues can be measured and benchmarked on an ongoing basis. This advancement is crucial for the accurate diagnosis and treatment of diseases by enabling consistent and reliable imaging data that can be shared, pooled and compared, regardless of machines and clinical settings.

"Quantified MRIs have been anticipated for over 25 years, TFM has been the breakthrough that has made them the reality," said Thomas Witzel, VP of Imaging at Q Bio, who spearheaded the development. "By modeling the entire imaging process without idealizing assumptions about the hardware, we're not only enhancing the quality of MRI data but also paving the way for the development of new MRI equipment optimized for speed and patient comfort."

Key capabilities of TFM include:

  • A 100-fold reduction in computational power requiring only a single GPU;
  • Imaging harmonization across hardware, software and clinical variations for sharing and knowledge pooling;
  • Maxwell regularization which ensures accurate coil sensitivity modeling;
  • Advanced field calibration and motion reconstruction techniques that enhance data accuracy and integrity.

Q Bio Inc. is committed to advancing medical imaging technology and improving patient outcomes. In addition to TFM’s upcoming debut in the Mark I full body scanner, the company also plans to explore the applicability of other hardware options. With the launch of Tensor Field Mapping, the company is at the forefront of a new era in diagnostics and personalized medicine.

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