Paragon 28 Launches Redesigned Staple System

The staples feature an ultra-low-profile bridge with increased surface area.

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Paragon 28

Paragon 28 announced the launch of its JAWS Great White Staple System, which was developed to provide for increased strength and stability of the osteotomy or fusion site when compared to traditional staple systems. The staples feature an ultra-low-profile bridge with increased surface area to enhance stability while minimizing soft tissue irritation.

The company said the newly designed staple has 400 times the fatigue life compared to a competitive nitinol staple subjected to the same load parameters. The shoulders of the staple work in conjunction with the inserter allowing the staple to be fully seated prior to compression activation limiting the need to tamp. The staples were designed to provide a uniform compression profile across the osteotomy and provide a 169% increased compressive force when compared to the average of a competitive marketing leading two-prong, nitinol staple.

The addition of the JAWS Great White Staple System bolsters Paragon 28’s hindfoot solutions product offering, which includes the Gorilla Ankle Fracture Plating System, APEX 3D Total Ankle Replacement, Silverback Ankle Fusion Plating System, Phantom TTC Nail System, and Phantom ActivCore Nail System. With this comprehensive portfolio, Paragon 28 provides its customers with innovative ankle solutions for trauma, arthritis, and limb salvage.

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